what is c.a.m.p.?

c.a.m.p. stands for clearly a mystical place

It is both the world in which we live and the premier camp for psychic development and spiritual awareness.

So glad you made it.

This is the official website from me, Constance Messmer, where you can learn more about the exciting world of c.a.m.p., the premier place for psychic development and spiritual awareness. Here you, too, can register for c.a.m.p. as well as purchase illustrative books and products so that you can begin to discover and develop your own metaphysical skills.

It’s meant to be shared. So, tell your friends. Go on, you know you want to. Because then, when you do, you can get together and play some of the games that you find here. Oh such fun games. And of course there are the c.a.m.p. shorts. That’s where you will find my collection of guidebooks and short stories that teach psychic development among the pages of non-creepy paranormal, realistic fiction.

The c.a.m.p. shorts will encourage you to:

  • explore beyond your physical world
  • strengthen your psychic skills
  • build a sense of community with others
  • increase your appreciation of nature
  • increase your self-confidence and sense of personal life purpose
  • make you laugh, cry, and ponder
  • help you learn many of the secrets to life

The c.a.m.p. games will help strengthen the super powers that already exist inside of you.
What? Me? Super powers? You ask.
Why of course you have super powers. Extra super actually. Extra Sensory Super Duper, really.
Don’t take my word for it, get going and see for yourself. Check out the c.a.m.p. brochure, c.a.m.p. registration, and c.a.m.p. shorts to get started on the adventure of your life time. Trust me, you’re gonna love that you found yourself here at c.a.m.p.!

Remember, live through your soul. ~Constance Messmer