To register for c.a.m.p., please complete the following:

  1. Registration Proclamation
  2. Health Check
  3. Secrecy Contract
  4. c.a.m.p. oath
  5. Check this site often for new and exciting c.a.m.p. shorts, games, and other such delight!

Registration Proclamation

Please read this section aloud with your added information.

My name is

I hereby register for c.a.m.p.

Health Check

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

Secrecy Contract

Some of the programs you will be attending are top secret. Since you are all unique mysteries, your experiences will differ. We don’t want you blabbering on about your discoveries before someone else has a chance to uncover their own personal findings. Besides, sometimes words can diminish your experience. So, mum’s the word. To agree to the secrecy contract, please sign your name with your left elbow, your left pinky, or merely picture signing your name in your mind on the dotted line below.


Now to seal your registration agreement state aloud the…

c.a.m.p. oath

to be open minded and open hearted,
and to work for the good of all.
On my honor, I promise
to help when I can,
to do the right thing,
to live the higher ideals,
to be braver than my fears,
and to come from integrity in all I do.
All of this, so that I can leave c.a.m.p.
better than when I found it.


You are now registered for c.a.m.p.!!!!


Attend c.a.m.p. by visiting this c.a.m.p. site often and by reading the c.a.m.p. shorts which are available for purchase through our store!!