games and learning

Telephone Game

Astral Phone Call-  Pick a person that you want to have call you on the phone.  Then each day think: “Call me!”  Whenever you think of them, you must picture them calling you.  Do not think that they won’t or that thought will cancel out your psychic communication to them to call you.  Do this every day until they do in fact call.  See how long it takes for them to “get your message and call.”  When they do, ask them, “What took you so long?”  (No.  I’m kidding.)  Ask them when they first thought of calling you.  Perhaps it was the first day you sent out your astral phone call.  Good luck!

How to Make the Right Choice

When you have to make a decision, and you don’t know what to do, stop kidding yourself. Seek the answer from within.

c.a.m.p. journal excerpt

When you get psychic information that proves to be true, notice how it comes to you.  Do you see an image in your mind’s eye? Do you get an emotional feeling? A physical feeling? Does a word,  phrase, lyric, or title come to you in your thoughts? Do you just have a knowing about something or someone?  How does your psychic information come to you?