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Constance Messmer

An astrocartographer once told me that I came into this life with all eleven senses open. Like many things, I would discover later what that meant. As a little girl, I often had experiences that were normal to me but unexplainable by me. I would talk to our family dog and hear her voice answering back inside my head. I would feel people’s emotions and truth regardless of their mismatched words. I would have visions that led my way. I would talk with spirits. I slowed my heartbeat, ran energy up and down my body, and visited other houses without leaving my own. Some of these experiences I would share, and some were left inside my mind of living. Sharing them would usually bring disbelief or empty stares from others. Misunderstood, I suffered the wounds of self-doubt. I learned to keep my experiences to myself. Over time I focused more on the physical and turned off that part of me that was aware of my inner senses and my connection to the physically unseen. Only my prayer life sustained. It wasn’t until a series of events that destiny drew me to England where I was finally able to discover my truth and the vocabulary necessary for my self-awareness and restored sense of self.

The ancient and widely acceptable British world of the psychics gave me the necessary words and foundation to explore the greater truths that surrounded me and so also us. My early experiences were merely that of one psychically aware child. Awareness and participation in these experiences are simply a matter of choice. We are all capable.

The word psychic comes from the word psyche, meaning soul, for it is through the soul’s awareness and senses that these experiences occur. Though I really wanted to study at a physical school for psychic studies, I loved my cat, Jake, and would not submit him to foreign travel quarantine. So, I ended up studying in the Astral and Angelic Realms while sitting at home on my own living room couch. There, I tuned into the various realms of spirit and began working with and learning from assorted beings in the Divine light that have come forward to help teach. Meanwhile, a dear friend of mine had opportunity to study psychic work in and around London. We would compare notes and were often getting the same lessons.

During that time and since then, I have worked in the field as a Psychic, Medium, Channel, speaker, and teacher. Schooled in Reiki, I have been guided in the importance of energy awareness and have been blessed to channel healing light energy. Ultimately, my work is to encourage others so that we all use our inner awareness for better living and a better world.

One day, I finally cast my youthful uncertainties aside. Feeling God wanting my full commitment to this work of teaching spirit, I fully surrendered my life with the words, “I will to will Thy will and if Thy will be difficult, give me strength, keep my clear and keep my ego out of it.” My life was never the same again.

c.a.m.p. shorts are my collection of stories and Guidebooks that teach psychic development among the pages of non-creepy, paranormal, realistic fiction. Drawn from life experiences and studies, I write these stories to help you along your own journey, so that you might not struggle the way I did. I do hope you enjoy what you find. (That’s a double entendre. But you probably realized that.)CAMP Illustration

Remember, live through your soul.    ~ Constance Messmer

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